Q: How soon can Reshine Painting and Maintenance commence the work ?

A: Always on a mutually agreed time taking into consideration the scope of the work and other variables such as; weather conditions, size of the job, how much work is already pre-booked with Reshine and working in with other trades.

Q: What if I accept the quote but I am not  financially ready to go ahead ?

A: Don’t worry our quotations will be valid for  60 days from the issue date and we can always find a solution to make it happen for you.

Q: Does Reshine Painting and Maintenance guarantee their  work?

A: Yes definitely, all our work comes with “7 Years Workmanship Warranty”.

Q: Does anyone need to be home while the painting is in progress ?

A: Not necessarily, but we do require someone to be home on the completion day for walk thru and hand over process.

Q: Can I change the colours that I’ve chosen ?

A:  Yes, if it’s before the paint and materials have been ordered, other wise it may incur additional cost, depending on individual circumstances .

Q: Does Reshine Painting and Maintenance  have after hours or weekend  services ?

A: Yes, absolutely when it’s required, ” Subject to Availability “.

Q: Can I negotiate with Reshine Painting and Maintenance ?

A: Yes, absolutely. Reshine Painting is always there to solve the problem not create a  problem. If there is anything you are concerned about we can sit together and find a way to help and improve the situation whether it’s your commercial property or the house living in.

Q: Does Reshine Painting and Maintenance  have work satisfaction guaranteed ?

A: We are not done until you have that shine in your smile.

Q: Does Reshine Painting and Maintenance share around what they earn ?

A: Reshine Painting and Maintenance is family owned and operated since 2008 and one of the ways we like to be grateful is to say thank you and put back into our community. We like to be responsible with our good fortune and  pass & share around as much as we can for people who are in need.

Q: Why should I trust Reshine Painting and Maintenance ?

A: Because we are as local as you are and a family business with high morals and standards, there is no doubt we treat every job as our own.

Q: Are you registered painters?

A: Reshine Painting and Maintenance is proud to be a member of BUILDING COMMISSION & PAINTERS REGISTRATION BOARD OF WA